Iridology is the Window to the Soul

15 Jun

Iridology can be traced back as far as the 18th Dynasty Ancient Egypt during King Tut’s reign as Pharaoh. Archaeologist Howard Carter discovered silver plates with depictions of the iris, along with various internal organs located in the iris, on King Tut’s Tomb. From then on iridology travelled from Africa into Babylon, Tibet, China, Europe and other regions.iridology

In the mid 1800’s a young Hungarian boy noticed that markings in the eyes of an injured owl started to change upon nursing it back to health. The boy, named Ignatz Von Peczley, became a physician after studying the iris over several years. Eventually he published the first book on iridology in 1881, as well as the first known accurate chart of the iris. Today we know him as the father of western iridology.

Currently many physicians around the world have actively pursued the teachings of iridology to help complement their scope of practice. It has gained popularity in Australia and Europe, but it is not as widely accepted in North America. Doctor Bernard Jensen is recognized for making iridology popular in America in the 1940s. He has created some of the most accurate charts on iridology that are still widely used today.

Iridology provides practitioners with a picture of the whole body at a glance. Not just physically, but also emotional, mental and spiritual attributes that a person incarnated with. However, most practitioners today only use iridology to asses the tissue strength of various organs in the body. The details found in the iris indicate what genetic traits a person is born with, as well as current health issues. For example; certain fibres in the eye represent a specific organ, upon close examination we are able to identify weather that organ may be weak or strong. These are the genetic predispositions a person has and may not necessarily reflect their present state of health. We can then ensure that we tailor our diet accordingly and incorporate proper supplementation to prevent potential health issues from occurring. It may also provide us with answers as to why we may be experiencing certain symptoms.

A theory as to why iridology works revolves around the idea that our bodies function similar to a hologram. In holographic imagery if you were to shine a laser through a holographic lens a 3D image would be created. If you were to break off a piece of that holographic lens and shine a laser through it the entire 3D image would still be seen, not just a fragmented portion of it. No matter where you broke off a piece of the holographic lens, the whole image would still be seen. This is the basis as to why practices like iridology, reflexology, and acupuncture exist. This helps to explain how every organ in the body is connected together and why holistic practices are so powerful for healing.

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